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For informational purposes only. At the moment we are not accepting any public investors until official FCC registrations.

Did you know you could profit by investing in the Vids Creator software suite in our early stages?

The mobile app space is a big market and is expected to grow in the years to come.

Just think about it: while everyone in the Western world has a mobile phone, not everyone has a personal computer yet.

Another fact, while the majority in Africa or Asia do not have computers, almost everyone has a mobile phone.

Saturation is not that far away in the future: everyone will have smartphones soon—billions of people.


Berkshire Hathaway Business Wire Projects That The Mobile Application Market For +18% CAGR By 2023

How can you capitalize on all of this?

You can build your own or back a Vids Creator mobile app because you see a future in us and want to become part of history. At Vids Creator, we keep our product portfolio empowered and focus on our content creators reaching a bigger audience. We want to help spread our users' messages and create a real omnipresence.

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