Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I go live to multiple channels?

    Get the Influencer or above subscription of Vids Creator, which will unlock LIVE tab. LIVE has the capability to multi-stream to your favorite social media platforms.

  • How many branding templates can I create?

    We love to encourage creativity and don’t believe in restrictrictions. We at Vids Creator pledge to keep the Design Studio UNLIMITED.

  • How can I change my billing information?

    Click on the top right Profile icon. Select Account Information. Then select Update Payment Information.

  • How do I change a font?

    From Design tab. Load your existing Branding Template or Create A New One. Click on right corner edit icon. Select Aa icon and select your font.

  • How can I add stickers?

    Vids Creator lets you use animated GIFs, stickers, text, and emojis in your branding designs. Our stickers are intended to be familiar and grab your audience’s attention.

  • How much does it cost?

    You can use Vids Creator free for life, rendering your video creatives ranges from $1.44 to $3.99 per video export. New accounts receive 7 Free Video Credits to try it out. 1 Credit = 1 Export. Click here for credits pricing.

  • Can I share my template designs?

    The newest feature added, as requested by our growing community, is Template Sharing. When You design an AWESOME BRANDING template, you can share your work with the Vids Creator Community.

    Subject to approval by an admin. Restrictions apply.

  • How can I add captions?

    From Creator tab. Record or Load your video. Click on the “CC” icon. Load your own SRT or choose Auto Subtitles.

  • What’s your Refund Policy?

    If you are unhappy with the quality of your video renders, we will issue you a no question ask refund within a 14-day period.

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