Your Videos Say Alot About You

Just as your articles establish you as an expert authority, so should your marketing videos do the same job. To do this, you need to consistently bring your viewers:

• Reliable facts and information

• Solutions, rather than merely just products

• Information that grants a significant benefit: E.G. showing them how to save money, perform a task much more quickly, actually use your product, learn a new skill

It doesn’t matter what format your video follows – whether it’s instructional, funny, a “talking head” video, a skit with multiple actors – that’s just the method of delivery. To be perceived as valuable, it needs to include solutions, benefits, and facts your viewer can use.

Once you’ve made sure your video does indeed meet these criteria, it’s time to add the second ingredient to your “success” mix…

And that is “Promotion.”

There are several ways you can increase your views.

1. Invite comments from right within your video. If you’ve uploaded it to a site such as YouTube, you really want those comments and backlinks to related videos coming in! Directly inviting comments with a call to action is a much-overlooked technique.

2. Create a buzz on your social networks. This goes without saying, of course, but push it one step further by asking your friends and contacts to promote it too. (You’d be surprised how often this simple step is missed!) Finish off your Twitter tweet with “Plz R.T.” (“please re-tweet”). Ask your friends on Facebook to Stumble or Digg it. Use the “Share” feature on YouTube (have a list handy!) when you first upload your video.

3. Consider your viewers. Create both hi-fidelity and low-fidelity versions to accommodate viewers with all types of equipment. Point out that both versions are available in all your promotional efforts – many viewers on dial-up who might ordinarily ignore all video announcements will actually check out videos if someone points out they’re (a) short (b) available in “low res” as well as “high.”

4. Include a trailer. Most likely, your video was made to direct people to your website. Let them know who you are, what you’re known for, and where they can reach you. Don’t assume that just having the URL appear for two seconds at the end of your video will do all the work. A trailer makes your video efforts look professional and focused.

5. Leave a link to your site beside your video, as well as in it! Links within videos are not searchable: Links in YouTube’s text areas are definitely searchable.

6. Create a powerful title. Remember that your viewers will be searching by keyphrase. They may not know they’re using keywords, but this is what will either bring up your video as a suggestion for them to view – or not. Use Wordtracker’s free keyword tool to get an idea of what they’re searching for.

Keeping these tips in mind will help your videos deliver the most essential message of all: That you’re an expert and professional who knows what you’re doing – and knows exactly how to help.

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