Video Marketing Promotional Tool Used For Companies

Video marketing is defined as the promotional strategy used by companies to promote products and services using short, attractive, and educational videos.

That is a great definition, but what you need to keep in mind is that although most people are visual beings and will see something they want and then buy it, if the video is not well done, they will run screaming the other way.

Your best bet is to also include a text version of your product or service description for those who do not want to watch a video.

To get the most out from your video marketing campaigns, there are some aspects you can take into account to ensure your video is the best it can be:

1. Sound quality – The use of a good microphone is paramount. You want your customers to be able to hear what you have to say. Also, speak slowly and clearly and make sure there is no background noise. Nothing is more distracting than background noise.

2. Picture quality – Use a quality camera or screen capture video software. This allows you to capture what is right on your own computer screen and turn it into a movie. (Great for how-to videos)

3. Information quality – Do not just try to make your video off the cuff; write up a script beforehand and practice it until you have it down pat. Sound like the expert you are. If you sound unsure of yourself, your viewers will become uncertain of you as well, and you will lose sales because of it.

Google has ways of figuring out how much time a potential customer spends on your web site. If you have a video on your site, it is expected that if your potential customer is looking at the video on your site, they will have to stay there for the video’s length.

If your other SEO forms are on target and you are currently ranking well on the search engine results pages, but your video stinks, then your visitors will not be happy with the information provided, and they will leave your site immediately to find better information elsewhere.

This is called a bounce rate, and if Google picks up on this, you will ultimately lose your higher ranking.

There are a couple of ways to find out whether or not your video is a good one. One way is to post it on YouTube and see how many hits you get, and the other way is to have a section on your web site for people to leave comments.

If you get favorable comments and a lot of hits, you can be sure that your video is a success, and if not, you know what changes need to be made because of the comments left for you.

Video marketing could go either way for you. It all depends on the three aspects we outlined above and how your potential customers, and Google, perceive your production. Make it worth your while and make it as professional as you can.

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